Movement on the mat for daily healthy living!

Specializing in Body Awareness, and Pelvic Health & Care

I use movement science to create group practices and individualized private sessions that work the whole body.
I prioritize practical poses and actions on the mat that translate into strength and stability in your daily life.
I cultivate a brain to body awareness connection (from head to toe and skin to core), also and encourage stillness for quieting the mind to integrating the lessons of the practice.

Ready to move better and feel better?

Yoga & Movement –
find your body, move better in life

Private Sessions –
individualized attention and programming

Pelvic Health Education –
what and where it is, healthy functionality, and healing


What People are Saying…

“I love your slow class.  It helps my mind unwind and feels great.”


“I love how you are constantly taking time to learn on your own then share it all with us.”


“You are a gentle but skillful guide to helping us become aware of our minds and bodies in this unique yoga experience.”


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