Valarie Anderson

What People “Say”

“I love your slow class.  It helps my mind unwind and feels great.”


“I love how you are constantly taking time to learn on your own then share it all with us.”


“You are a gentle but skillful guide to helping us become aware of our minds and bodies in this unique yoga experience.”


Connect with me. Let’s get you moving better and feeling better!
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Passion Statement

I’m a yoga teacher, but really I’m a lover of all movement modalities.
I open heartedly give permission to explore your own physical body through self inquiry.
I’ve devoted most of my life to being curious, always asking why and how.
When you work with me you can expect to be seen for all your qualities, to feel the physical benefits of our practice together off the mat, and to recognize the mental fortitude in your daily life.
You might be surprised by my corny sense of humor because laughter is your free daily dose of joy.
My work matters because the health and wellness of my community matters.
And I’m here to remind you that we all deserve time to be still and relax, to heal and strengthen, and to laugh (either at me or yourself).

Teaching Approach

I lead movement practices with a social wellness intention. After all, a healthier community is the one I want to live in too! Everyone comes to the mat with a variety of health and fitness levels, and we are all susceptible to injury and issue. I aim to design classes and private sessions that reflect how the human body walks about life, interacting with family, work, and play. Your journey towards physical, mental, and spiritual wellness matters to me, on and off the mat.

I generally teach at a slower pace, so that you have a chance to feel the movement work in your tissues. Slower does not have to mean easier. You ultimately choose your pace and repetitions. Controlled steady movement can lead to strength, increased mobility, and expanded body awareness. Uniting your breath with movement brings mindfulness to the mat. I offer permission play, crafting your own journey.

Yoga is as complex as the human body. It’s a philosophy of life, it’s an ancient wisdom, and it belongs culturally to South Asian Desi people. I respect and represent yoga in the ways I am consciously able, and uphold its roots within my abilities through continuous education. There are more benefits from yoga than just the movement!

Certificates and Continued Education Trainings:

Nearly 500 hours of training for business, body, and mind.

Member of Pelvic Health Professionals, for education, mentorship, training, and professional interaction.

2021 – Yoga for Pelvic Health. 20 hours. Shannon Crow.
Yoga teacher training for pelvic health workshops, movement class series, and private clients. Techniques, training, & practice; Teaching methodology; Anatomy and Physiology.

2020 – Social Justice in Yoga. 10 hours. Kallie Schut of Rebel Yoga Tribe.
Professional Development, structural racism through colonization and healing through yoga.

2020 – Mechanics Masterclass. 3 hours. Derek Cook and Giulia Pline.
Workshop series dedicated to diving deeper into sections of the body: pelvis, pelvis and spine, shoulder. Anatomy and Physiology. Techniques, training, & practice

2020 – Mindful Strength Teacher Immersion. 14 Weeks, 50 Hours. Kathryn Bruni-Young.
Mentorship for movement specialist; Techniques, training and practice; Anatomy and Physiology, pain care management and strength training.

2020 – Cross Fade. 16 Weeks, 55 Hours. Caitlin Casella.
Mentorship for movement specialist; Techniques, training and practice; Anatomy and Physiology, Body of Knowledge and kinesiology.

2019 – Teacher Masterminds. 12 Weeks, 36 hours. Mado Hesselink.
Teaching Methodology & Business; mentorship for business and methodology.

2019 – Myofacial and Pelvic Health. 10 Hours. Meghan Gaspers.
Theory, application, and practice of myofascial yoga for pelvic health; Techniques, training, & practice; Teaching methodology; Anatomy and Physiology.

2019 – Teaching Yoga for the Pelvic Floor. 8 Hours. Allison Rissel.
Techniques, training, & practice; Teaching methodology; Anatomy and Physiology.

2018 – Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle & Ethics. 60 Hours. Christie Hall.
Text: Introduction to the Yoga Sutras of Pantajali. Course work, reading, commentary papers, and class participation.

2018 – Teaching Methodology. 15 Hours. Paisley Close.
Voice, language, and cues; Observation; Props and adjustments; Sequencing and themes.

2016 – Registered Yoga Teacher. 200 Hour. Yoga Alliance. 
Teaching methodology; Anatomy and physiology; Vinyasa movement; Yoga philosophy.

The Teacher’s Teachers:

My original vinyasa flow movement and yoga training was presented by Courtney Short and Louise With-Seidelin of The Yoga Mat. There have been many supportive instructors online, to continue my growth as a teacher, business woman, and yoga practitioner. Included here are some of my most influential mentors and friends, some of which I have taken trainings with: Mado Hesselink teaching mentor and business coach; Kathryn Bruni-Young mindful strength movement specialist; Caitlin Casella PT and movement specialist; Allison Rissel exercise physiologist and pelvic floor specialist; Shannon Crow a teacher’s teacher and pelvic floor specialist; Kallie Schut of Rebel Yoga Tribe and Social Justice in Yoga; Paisley Close 500h yoga teacher, mentor, and friend; Laurel Beversdorf Body of Knowledge and kinesiology queen; Dr. Garrett Neill chiropractor, movement educator, and mobility specialist.

My Story

I moved to Ten Sleep, Wyoming to slow down my pace of life. Originally from California I was raised to love camping, fishing, and the outdoors. Rock climbing and hiking are my favorites ways to enjoy nature. Over the years both activities led to small injuries from imbalances in my body. I began practicing physical yoga to heal and restore my body, and to my surprise found mental harmony with the deeper Yoga. I love to teach those beginning their movement journey, or continuing their practice even after years of being off the mat. Now I own and manage the Ten Sleep Rock Ranch with my husband and climbing partner, where we host campers from all over the world every summer.

“Yoga is for the body, the mind, and the spirit. It’s for health, wellness, and humanity. It’s for you, if you are ready to try something new and learn more about yourself.”

I came to yoga though injury and stayed for the mindfulness. Everyday I see its benefits in my life, and I am thankful to have found it. Some come to it for general fitness and quiet time. Others find comfort and solace with their personal practice. One of the special gems of Yoga is the individual approach and experience we all can have with it, and at different ages and stages of our lives. It’s your practice. 

“You do you.”

I say this honestly, I sorta fell into pelvic health. I took my first training in 2019 and fell in love. I felt connected to every person with a uterus and vagina! I know, strange thought, but I knew that I could help others with my knowledge. So I kept learning, and now have built a strong base to support many who might find traditional medicine not as attentive. Let’s get to work healing your suffering, and educate people on the truths of Pelvic Health.

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