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I specialized in Pelvic Floor Care and Body Awareness.

My continuous education and training is driven by a curiosity of the connections between body and mind. I utilize movement science to create group practices and individualized private sessions that touch on the whole body, from head to toe, skin to core, with priority given to practical actions that translate off the mat into your daily life. Your brain will be encouraged to pay attention to the body, to find blindspots, to hear the signals, and to acknowledge your working parts. I dedicate time to stillness, to gently coax the mind into quiet, to integrate your finished practice, and because everyone deserves rest. You’ll have the freedom to choose what you do on your mat, and what’s relevant to take home with you. Work with me, move better, feel better.

Yoga is as complex as the human body. It’s a philosophy of life, it’s an ancient wisdom, and it belongs culturally to South Asian Desi people. I respect and represent yoga in the ways I am consciously able, and uphold its roots within my abilities through continuous education. There’s more to it than the movement, and if you’re interested, let’s explore!

“Movement for your body, your mind, your community. It’s a lifestyle, and a purpose”.

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