It’s my pleasure to spread body knowledge and offer yoga immersions. Join me at a workshop or a summer retreat.

Pelvic Health Workshops … Stayed tuned for summer and fall dates!

Pelvic Health workshops can be attended live or online through Zoom.  

LEARN – Anatomy and function of your pelvic floor, where is it, what it does : Dysfunction and Symptoms, common issues that can be healed : Better Breathing, Yoga, and How I Can Help, you don’t have to live with issues any longer.

FOR – I empower women to self heal from leaking urine, constipation, core weakness, and pelvic pain through mindset growth, body awareness, and movement.
Stop exhausting your time, energy, and funds “dealing with it”

Learn to advocate for exceptional medical and self care. 

Return to the life you love, serving loved ones to your fullest.

Summer Retreats … for Women’s Wellness, and Rock Climbers … Stay tuned for dates!

Join your people in Ten Sleep, Wyoming for a four day retreat filled with learning, and motivation to recharge your energy.

What’s Included:

  • All Meals
  • Lodging Options
  • Local Hike Excursion
  • Daily Practices and Meditations
  • Free Time, rest and reset before and after learning
  • (What’s not included: travel to and from Ten Sleep, Wyoming)

Ten Sleep, Wyoming Summer, 2021. More details soon.

Are you ready? Join the retreat email list to hear all the details first.

*Minimum of 10 Participants Needed!