Home Practice Setup

Thanks for joining me online to practice yoga. Here are a few tips on how to setup your home space. Make it welcoming, whether it is stationary or mobile. And when you get to your mat, for any length of time, reward yourself. Let me know how I can help, or better yet, send me a photo of your beautiful space.

A word on props…

Mat – A fancy one isn’t necessary. To me it feels like a little island of my own. If you do get one they can start at about $10. Another option is to set out a towel, or to practice directly on the floor.
Blocks – Pick any sturdy item, like a book. You can bring several sizes to the mat.
Strap – I rarely use my strap, but they are pretty handy at times. Try a belt or scarf instead.
Cushion – These are already all over your home, in the form of blankets, pillows, or simply folding your mat in the middle or at an end.