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Here lives my collection of prerecorded and live videos, as well as PDF informational sheets. All for pelvic health. You are likely here because you have an immediate need, want to learn, or are simply curious.

This page is dedicated to those who seek support for their pelvic floor. It’s not a page I have publicized or linked on my website. This is my generous gift to you for being brave, and showing up for your pelvic floor needs. Please do not share this page openly. This content is free for now, as I build my own knowledge and resource list. Thank you for respecting my work.

Hello, it’s me, Valarie Anderson. Body nerd, sharing more about me and my education!

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These are all original videos that I recorded and edited to help educate folks, or to share a short practice with you all. Enjoy. Email me a topic and I will put it on my To Do list.

10 Minutes,
Vulva Anatomy

Let’s learn about the exterior genitalia of a womxn. Be sure to find a private place to view this video of me drawing the parts of the vulva.

October 25th, 2020

10 Minutes,
Breathing Explained

Learn how your breathing is related to your pelvic floor health. Improving your breathing with exercises and techniques can help, and so can I. Connect to set up a free 20 minute Clarity Phone Call.

October 12th, 2020

10 Minutes,
Better Breathing Exercises

Seated position. Possible useful props are chair with back, wall, strap or belt, block or cushion. Learn to breathe into all the sides of your torso for a more complete inhale and exhale experience.

October 1st, 2020

3.5 Minutes,
What and where is the pelvic floor?!

Not sure what a pelvic floor is or where it is in the body? Find out in this quick simple explanation video.

September 22, 2020

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November, 2020


These are all originally created information sheets in the form of PDF. You can view and print them, bookmark the link, or save the PDF to your device. Happy learning.

Better Breathing PDF

A helpful guide to the Better Breathing Exercise Video. A printable visual to remind you that day by day you can change your breathing pattern to better your health.

Pelvic Health PDF

Education, Breathing, Dysfunction, Healing. Within my scope of practice I can support and help you work through your pelvic floor needs. Reach out to schedule a free 20 minute Clarity Phone Call to chat about your needs and how I may help you reach your goals.

Outside Resources I love too!

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Articles and Blogs

Visit the National Vulvodynia Association website to see an anatomical look at the vulva, and to learn about vulvar pain.

Visit the American Cancer Society website to see an anatomical look at the vulva, and to learn about vulvar cancer.

Allison Rissel is one of my favorite people to learn from. I may be biased because I took an 8 hour pelvic health training with her, but her knowledge and sincerity are for real. Enjoy her blog post about breathing.

More PDFs

If you live within Washakie County, Wyoming this local and regional Health Care Provider list will be helpful. It includes MDs, PTs, LMTs, and more. Save the link or download the PDF.

Podcast Episodes

Two of my favorites. Shannon Crow is the owner of The Connected Yoga Teacher podcast, website, business, and mentorship. She’s a teacher of teachers. Very glad to she Dr. Marie-Josee Forget on an episode.


“Relax and release pelvic tension with this short guided meditation. Perfect for anyone with pelvic pain or pelvic floor dysfunction; also ideal for ANYONE who carries stress in their pelvic region.” – FemFusion Fitness and Pelvic Health

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Schedule a free 20 minute Clarity Phone Call to share your needs and hear how I may help you with your goals.