Women’s Wellness Series

Thank you for joining me on this adventure. I hope this series brings you joy, focus, healing. Reach out at any time hello@valarie-anderson.com

March 2021

Week 1: Self Care

0:00-2:00 Introductions – Saying hello and theme development
2:00-11:30 Activity – The hats you wear (need paper and pen)
11:30-19:30 Meditation – Taking off your hats
19:30-38:45 Practice – Chair practice, but all work can be done standing as well
38:45-49:00 Intention Setting – What is your best self care, how will you add it to your life, and what happens when it doesn’t happen?!
49:00-56:00 Meditation – A self care promise to yourself

Week 2: Breathing from the core and for the core

0:00-1:45 Welcome, theme breathe better
1:45-8:25 Meditation, physical breath focus
8:25-33:45 Breathing exercises and awareness
33:45-51:00 Q&A, discussion, reasons to breathe better 1:00:20-1:04:20 Closing meditation

Week 3: Mobility and Strength

0:00-8:10 Theme, women are expected to be strong and flexible. We endure for our family, friends, community.
8:10-19:15 Opening Meditation, how can we lighten this load on our shoulders and in life?
19:15-37:25 Finding mobility/flexibility in our bodies
37:25-53:55 Finding strength from the outside in
53:55-58:55 Closing Meditation, Promise to yourself, chose one or more ways to lighten your load.

Week 4: Self Efficacy

Welcome: Review of previous week’s
Theme: Defining Self Efficacy
Meditation: Mantra, Words of Affirmation
Movement: Leading your practice
Closing Meditation: Seal your Mantra

Week 5: Integration

0-3:15 Welcome, Review of week 1-4 3:15-7:50 Theme Integration, What has changed for you over the past few weeks? What are you interested in focusing on moving forward? How can you keep integrating it?
7:50-17:00 Meditation, Sit with your body and breath, breathing exercise
17:00-35:55 Movement Practice, Warm up towards your peak, add mobility, focus on a specific area to strengthen (upper body in this example), cool down.
35:55-36:30 Q&A Chat, How to sprinkle a little bit of breath, mobility, and strength within your practice. Progressively loading, time under tension.
36:30-45:00 Goals, What do you want to cultivate moving forward? What specific questions can I help you with? More ideas for sprinkling in your goal during dedicated time or throughout your day. Remember to reward yourself for the work you do.
45:00-end Closing Meditation, find your Mantra in the moment.