Valarie Anderson

Yoga Teacher & Movement Coach

Movement on the mat that translates to daily life. Specializing in pelvic health and body awareness.

Thank you for visiting my interactive resume. I hope you find it useful in getting to know me as a professional yoga teacher and movement coach. My goal is to be clear on my scope of practice and how I am able help your clients when referred to me.

Since 2016 I have been actively educating myself on the human body through workshops, immersions, and mentorships with highly skilled movement specialist and medical professionals in the fields of biomechanics, anatomy & physiology, and pain management. My current focus is pelvic health and care.

Please let me know how I can assist you in helping your clients to heal. I am also interested in a mentorship with a medical professional.

Hello, I’m Valarie Anderson

My Services

Public Yoga Classes

Private Sessions

Private Yoga Classes

Body Workshops

Scope of Practice

Movement for Mobility & Strength

Physical and Mental Relaxation Techniques

Better Breathing Exercises

Body Awareness Interoception & Proprioceptions


Mindful Strength Immersion, 14 Weeks

Cross Fade Movement Immersion, 16 Weeks

Teaching Methodology, 15 Hours

Pelvic Health Professionals, Education 1 Year

Teaching Yoga for the Pelvic Floor, 8 Hours

Myofacial & Pelvic Health, 10 Hours


Yoga & Movement with Valarie, Owner
(2017 – Present)
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Ten Sleep Rock Ranch, Owner & Manager
(2017 – Present)
Campground and cabin rentals, for outdoor enthusiasts and families. Home studio for public classes and private client sessions.

The Factory Bouldering, Owner & Manager
(2013 – 2020)
Indoor rock climbing gym owner and manager.

Kindergarten Teacher
(2010 – 2014)
Public school teacher.

University of California Riverside
B.A. Sociology

California State University San Bernardino
Multi-Subject Teaching Credential